Silver Jubilee Walk – August 2017


In 1992 BT asked a lot of guys to leave. We were happy to go but realised it would be only funerals when we were likely to meet the friends we had made over a lifetime of working for GPO, PO Telephones and lastly BT.

So over a few drinks at a leaving `Do` we decided to have a monthly walk on the last day of each month. The result was we had the first walk on the last Wednesday of August 1992. Those of you who are still numerate will realise that this August is our silver jubilee.

We hope that past walkers may care to join the walk or for a meal/drink after the walk on 30th August. The walk is from The Golden Fleece, Harden at 10.15 for 10.30 or at the pub at the end of the walk around 1.15/1.30.

If you can make it that would be great.

Please let John Palmer know to enable him to gauge numbers for the pub.

Further details will be on BT Roamers, August Walk page early in August.