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MI Plot noGrave refpagerec numgiven namesurnameabodeburial dateageofficialaddit notes
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Row 4 No 1237290Sophia----Storthes Hall 6 Oct 194761SO
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3.11(3)97773William Henry[Tamms]Storthes Hall Hospital14 Aug 194270GC
3.1096767Beatrice Annie[Whit-----]Storthes Hall Hospital25 Jun 194246GC
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5.683664JaneAbbottStorthes Hall Hospital19 Nov 194171AD
[4.8]85676LilyAbbottStorthes Hall Hospital8 Dec 194159AD
5.481643Thomas AistropeStorthes Hall Hospital31 Jul 194184JM
Path row no 1677610CarolineAllottStorthes Hall Hospital18 Apr 194177AD
5.994751IreneAltoftStorthes Hall Hospital18 May 194242AD
Row 6 No 925195MaryAndersonStorthes Hall 20 May 194667SO
Row 6 No 1130234Olive MayAndrewsStorthes Hall 11 Feb 194730NH
318EmmaAppleyardStorthes Hall Mental Hospital Kirkburton22 Apr 194366JM
Row 6 No 1029226JohnArcherStorthes Hall 23 Dec 194683NH
70556Alice ArmitageStorthes Hall Hospital4 Jan 194174AD
Path row no 1576605Ann ElizabethArmitageStorthes Hall Hospital10 Apr 194165AD
Path row no 1575595AnnieAshbyStorthes Hall Hospital22 Mar 194164AD
Row 6 No 1028224HenriettaAshtonStorthes Hall 10 Dec 194664NH
Row 4 No 1341328BerthaAstillStorthes Hall 12 Jun 194868NH
3.1096763CamellaAtkinStorthes Hall Hospital12 Jun 194261AD
5.582655Maud EugenieAustinStorthes Hall Hospital27 Sep 194161AD
4.988705William ArthurAyscoughStorthes Hall Hospital29 Jan 194250MR
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Row 6 No 821163Eliza Ann BackleyStorthes Hall Kirkburton28 Oct 194581NH
Row 6 No 822175Charles ArthurBaileyStorthes Hall Kirkburton7 Feb 194665NH
Row 6 No 1028218EmilyBaileyStorthes Hall 28 Nov 194655NH
Row 6 No 1129232GeorgeBaileyStorthes Hall 3 Feb 194775NH
5.581647Ada MaryBalchStorthes Hall Hospital25 Aug 194166AD
Row 6 No 619145AgnesBalderstonStorthes Hall Kirkburton16 May 194567NH
Row 6 No 1027212CharlotteBaldwinStorthes Hall 9 Oct 194675NH
Row 5 No 1034267HerbertBarkerStorthes Hall 12 Apr 194763SO
A1834271Louisa PriscillaBarker54 Alfred St Gainsborough24 Apr 194778AB
5.890720Arthur BenjaminBattyeStorthes Hall Hospital24 Feb 194243AD
B12100796HansonBattyeStorthes Hall Hospital14 Jan 194363AD
Row 9 No 653419WalterBattyeNorth Spring House Kirkburton11 May 195078EP
5.583658Martha AnnBaxterStorthes Hall Hospital8 Oct 194176GC
Row 4 No 1135278JoeBeadleyStorthes Hall 5 Jun 194760NH
Row 6 No 617133AnnieBeamontStorthes Hall Kirkburton7 Mar 194578NH
Row 6 No 618144Mary JaneBeanStorthes Hall Kirkburton14 May 194574NH
Row 6 No 823177MaryBeeverStorthes Hall Kirkburton15 Feb 194691NH
Row 6 No 1025198MaryBeeversStorthes Hall 22 Jun 194673NH
Row 6 No 1130240Edith BeldonStorthes Hall 18 Feb 194772NH
Row 6 No 923184James EdwardBerryStorthes Hall Kirkburton22 Mar 194663NH
C5 21166CatherineBestThurstonland30 Nov 194564PGM
71566George FrederickBestThurstonland4 Feb 194145AD
Row 6 No 21075AliceBettsStorthes Hall Kirkburton17 Mar 194464NH
5.892730Richard HenryBickersdykeStorthes Hall Hospital12 Mar 194270AD
31734270Eliza Biggin2 Whitestones Stocksmoor23 Apr 194776JA
Row 6 No 1027209JosephBiggsStorthes Hall 27 Sep 194662NH
72573MaryBillanceStorthes Hall Hospital10 Feb 194149AD
87693Eliza Ann BingleyStorthes Hall Hospital14 Jan 194255AD
Row 3 No1343340Sarah AliceBinnsStorthes Hall 7 Oct 194867NH
A1730239Thomas BirksStorthes Hall 15 Feb 194747NH
Row 4 No10214MaryBladesStorthes Hall Mental Hospital Kirkburton9 Apr 194361JM
Row F No 257453Edith BlankerayNorth Spring House29 Dec 195078EP
Path row no 1271568Ernest EdwardBoardmanStorthes Hall Hospital7 Feb 194157AD
a786681MaudBoardmanStorthes Hall Hospital19 Dec 194144AD
5.892731LouisaBohanStorthes Hall Hospital16 Mar 194270DM
884884a38301Olive Bolton28 Norton Terrace Stocksmoor5 Feb 194853LAS
Row 6 No 1648ClaraBoothStorthes Hall Kirkburton17 Nov 194333NH
_56444PriscillaBooth2 Top O' Bank14 Nov 195081EP
Row E No 752411Wilson BoothNorth Spring House Kirkburton28 Mar 195069EP
Row 6 No 822176WinifredBoothStorthes Hall Kirkburton12 Feb 194669NH
Row 6 No 1028220Elizabeth Ann BaxterBorrandStorthes Hall 4 Dec 194689NH
Path row no 1271561LillianBowlingStorthes Hall Hospital17 Jan 194125AD
5.890718BetsyBoydStorthes Hall Hospital19 Feb 194268AD
Row 6 No 618139AnnieBradburyStorthes Hall Kirkburton20 Apr 194571NH
70558Elizabeth AnnBradburyStorthes Hall Hospital11 Jan 194180AD
72575Samuel WilliamBradburyStorthes Hall Hospital14 Feb 194170AD
B1314AnnieBradleyStorthes Hall Hospital11 Feb 194374AD
29James BradshawStorthes Hall Mental Hospital Kirkburton3 Mar 194378JM
Row 6 No 1129227MaryBrammallStorthes Hall 27 Dec 194665NH
Row 9 No 252412EllenBremnerNorth Spring House Kirkburton8 Apr 195063LAS
3.1197770James BrennanStorthes Hall Hospital16 Jul 194235WD
B640314AnnieBridgewoodStorthes Hall 20 Mar 194874NH
Row 6 No 924191MarshallBrierleyStorthes Hall Kirkburton10 May 194684NH
Row 6 No 31397ArthurBroadbentStorthes Hall Kirkburton11 Aug 194467NH
Row 6 No 515120Mary HarriettBroadbentStorthes Hall Kirkburton21 Dec 194468NH
Row 6 No 923180JosephBroadheadStorthes Hall Kirkburton1 Mar 194676NH
Path row no 1575596AliceBroadhirstStorthes Hall Hospital22 Mar 194176AD
B1048381LilyBrocklehurstStorthes Hall 22 Jun 194969NH
4.885680Mary ElizabethBroensStorthes Hall Hospital18 Dec 194178MR
3rd row from path No 1211Ann Brook Storthes Hall Hospital1 Feb 194383AD
Row 6 No 925194WalterBrookesStorthes Hall 16 May 194663AB
5.684671JosephBrooksStorthes Hall Hospital25 Nov 194161AD
Erow 8 No 451406Florence BroughtonNorth Spring House Kirkburton2 Mar 195064EP
Row 6 No 414106ArthurBrownStorthes Hall Kirkburton25 Sep 194431NH
Row 7 No 146361GeorgeBrownStorthes Hall 7 Mar 194966NH
Row 6 No 618142HarryBrownStorthes Hall Kirkburton7 May 194583NH
87695HoraceBrownStorthes Hall Hospital15 Jan 194239AD
Row 6 No 2966JaneBrumbyStorthes Hall Kirkburton27 Jan 194477NH
Row 7 No 1050397RosaBrumflettNorth Spring House Kirkburton24 Jan 195073LAS
4.1092735Sarah AnnBurcumshawStorthes Hall Hospital28 Mar 194270DM
A5 Semi Private73577Mary AnnieBurdockStorthes Hall Hospital18 Feb 194178AD
Row 6 No 719148Rose AnnBurginStorthes Hall Kirkburton28 May 194565NH
Path row no 1679628PatrickBurkeStorthes Hall Hospital6 Jun 194170JJD
Row 4 No 1237296Sarah BurkeStorthes Hall 31 Dec 194774NH
Row 6 No 1131241JohnBurksStorthes Hall 18 Feb 194760NH
C17 1289Robert BurnStorthes Hall Kirkburton21 Jun 194478NH
Row 5 No 1032250KateBurnettStorthes Hall 5 Mar 194763NH
Row 9 No 553417Mary LouisaBurnettNorth Spring House Kirkburton1 May 195073SO
70559JaneBurrowsStorthes Hall Hospital11 Jan 194188AD
A1195760Rachel HannahBurrowsStorthes Hall Hospital10 Jun 194292GC
Path row no 1678619LilyBurtonStorthes Hall Hospital16 May 194156AD
5.788698George WilliamBuryStorthes Hall Hospital19 Jan 194269AD
Path row no 1678622AliceBuskStorthes Hall Hospital21 May 194158AD
A992729Frederick BussenghamStorthes Hall Hospital12 Mar 194273AD
A1730238LilyButterfieldStorthes Hall 15 Feb 194772NH
A18 sp34265Emily BuxtonStorthes Hall 26 Mar 194776AB
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Row 6 No 2971Samuel CaddickStorthes Hall Kirkburton1 Mar 194471NH
Row 6 No 414105GeorgeCampbellStorthes Hall Kirkburton22 Sep 194447NH
3.1197775GiovanniCappellaStorthes Hall Hospital28 Aug 194271MR
Row 5 No 1034266John JosephCarrollStorthes Hall 10 Apr 194721SO
Row 9 No 452415Catherine AnnCarsonNorth Spring House Kirkburton19 Apr 195069SO
Row 4 No 1239311HarryCarterStorthes Hall 8 Mar 194891NH
5.582650HephzibahCarterStorthes Hall Hospital13 Sep 194155AD
Row 4 No 1134272Ada CartwrightStorthes Hall 25 Apr 194770AB
5.993742WilliamCaseyStorthes Hall Hospital24 Apr 194272MR
5.684669ArthurCatererStorthes Hall Hospital24 Nov 194175AD
Row 6 No 2972Florence MayCawleyStorthes Hall Kirkburton1 Mar 194458NH
Row 4 No 1135277ArthurChambersStorthes Hall 24 May 194772NH
5.889712WalterChambersStorthes Hall Hospital12 Feb 194266AD
C15 750John Leonard SaxtonChapmanStorthes Hall Kirkburton25 Nov 194347NH
Path row no 1373580Joseph Horwood JamesChapmanStorthes Hall Hospital19 Feb 194182AD
D826201Joseph WilliamChapmanStorthes Hall Kirkburton4 Jul 194665NH
16AnnieCharlesworth4 Whitestones Stocksmoor22 Feb 194367RRC
-23179BeaumontCharlesworth4 Whitestones Stocksmoor25 Feb 194671JCB
Row 3 No1343343George HenryClaphamStorthes Hall 1 Nov 194872SO
5.582651ElizabethClark Storthes Hall Hospital19 Sep 194172AD
Path row no 1575597AdaClarkeStorthes Hall Hospital22 Mar 194164AD
Row 6 No 924185GeorgeClarkeStorthes Hall Kirkburton22 Mar 194686NH
Row E No 1054428SusanClaxtonNorth Spring House (9 Swan St Bentley)29 Aug 195071EP
Row 7 No 145360Jane OliverClaytonStorthes Hall 7 Mar 194977SO
Row 4 No 1135274Samuel LeeClaytonStorthes Hall 7 May 194772AB
Path row no 1677609Thomas ClewleyStorthes Hall Hospital18 Apr 194166AD
A1197769Ann CloughStorthes Hall Hospital14 Jul 194247AD
Row 6 No 923182MaryCockettStorthes Hall Kirkburton21 Mar 194673NH
3.1095754John EdwardCohenStorthes Hall Hospital22 May 194237GC
31844352Mary HannahCollinsLower Halstead Farm Stocksmoor16 Dec 194880Abu
B12100798Sarah AnnCollinsStorthes Hall Hospital28 Jan 194380WD
4.989706JohnConnleyStorthes Hall Hospital29 Jan 194278MR
Path row no 1678620Joseph WilliamCookStorthes Hall Hospital19 May 194168AD
Row 6 No 515118HunterCooksonStorthes Hall Kirkburton11 Dec 194469NH
Row 6 No 31290Harriett AnnCooperStorthes Hall Kirkburton23 Jun 194478NH
Row E No 651408ElizabethCornerNorth Spring House Kirkburton16 Mar 1950?EP
A18 sp33262Sarah AnnCostelloStorthes Hall 24 Mar 194770TM
A1520157AnnieCousinsStorthes Hall Kirkburton3 Sep 194556NH
Row 5 No 1032256John FrancisCoxStorthes Hall 10 Mar 194747SO
Row B No 1153421Martha CoxStorthes Hall Hospital1 Jun 195073EP
5.684672WilliamCoxStorthes Hall Hospital28 Nov 194143AD
B1299788EnochCrabtreeStorthes Hall Hospital21 Nov 194269AD
3.1096765JaneCrewStorthes Hall Hospital20 Jun 194263AD
319Harriett ElizabethCromptonStorthes Hall Mental Hospital Kirkburton22 Apr 194369JM
Path row no 1576606OliverCromptonStorthes Hall Hospital12 Apr 194169AD
Row 6 No 1130235Mary ElizabethCrookesStorthes Hall 11 Feb 194760NH
Family grave 13679629BenjaminCrossleyDearne Grange Cumberworth7 Jun 194175AD
Family grave 136646EstherCrossley2 South View Marsh Rd Shepley15 Nov 194378NH
Row 6 No 1025197Frederick WilliamCrossleyStorthes Hall 13 Jun 194674NH
Row 6 / 1643MaryCrossleyStorthes Hall Kirkburton1 Nov 194369NH
Family grave 136 full36284Sarah EllenCrossley61 Deanhouse Holmfirth15 Aug 194760NH
5.890715AdaCrowtherStorthes Hall Hospital17 Feb 194259AD
c9 86685Cecil BerryCrowtherStorthes Hall Hospital1 Jan 194236AD[47 years according to brother]
A131079ElizabethCruikshankStorthes Hall Kirkburton5 Apr 194449NH
74--40318HannahCuttellLittle Ribston17 Apr 194887NH
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Row 6 No 924188ConstanceDaviesStorthes Hall Kirkburton9 Apr 194643SO
5.787689Florence DaviesStorthes Hall Hospital7 Jan 194259AD
Row 6 No 1131242GeorgeDaviesStorthes Hall 21 Feb 194770NH
Row 8 No 151402George WalterDaviesNorth Spring House Kirkburton23 Feb 195054LAS
5.890714Isaac ColwynDaviesStorthes Hall Hospital13 Feb 194248AD
Row 3 No1345354JohnDaviesStorthes Hall 7 Jan 194978NH
Row 5 No 1032251WiilieDavisStorthes Hall 5 Mar 194756NH
Row 6 No 413104Elizabeth AnnDavyStorthes Hall Kirkburton21 Sep 194477NH
Row 6 No 1027213Frances MaryDawsonStorthes Hall 9 Oct 194674NH
B1150398Helen ElizabethDawsonNorth Spring House Kirkburton9 Feb 195063LAS
[4.8]85673John AlfredDawsonStorthes Hall Hospital28 Nov 194171AD
Path row no 1679631AnnieDayStorthes Hall Hospital13 Jun 194173AD
Row 4 No 1135273AliceDeaconStorthes Hall 30 Apr 194762AB
Path row no 1677613HoraceDeaconStorthes Hall Hospital26 Apr 194149AD
72576Dora HortenseDeanStorthes Hall Hospital14 Feb 194150AD
37131593740James ArthurDearnleyAsh Cottage Thurstonland18 Apr 194247AD
D1946367JohnDeversStorthes Hall 29 Mar 194973PGM
Row 4 No 1443337Charles ErnestDickensStorthes Hall 23 Sep 194853NH
87887935279Edith DisneyAsh Tree Farm Thurstonland13 Jun 194765NH
5.684667Florence MaryDobsonStorthes Hall Hospital20 Nov 194155AD
_56443JosephDobsonNorth Spring House10 Nov 195086EP
Row 6 No 2967James DoddStorthes Hall Kirkburton4 Feb 194465NH
Row 6 No 1027216GeorgeDodsonStorthes Hall 2 Nov 194674NH
Row 6 No 822169WilliamDodsonStorthes Hall Kirkburton31 Dec 194566NH
A991728AlexanderDoranStorthes Hall Hospital11 Mar 194249MR
A1627210CatherineDowningStorthes Hall 1 Oct 194669SO
Row 4 No 1135280WilliamDoyleStorthes Hall 7 Jul 194724SO
5.480638ElizabethDracasStorthes Hall Hospital4 Jul 194178AD
Row 6 No 413103AgnesDraytonStorthes Hall Kirkburton18 Sep 194444FC
71564MaryDringStorthes Hall Hospital24 Jan 194145AD
5.583657WilliamDringStorthes Hall Hospital3 Oct 194174AD
5.890719JessieDumnerStorthes Hall Hospital24 Feb 194260AD
Path row no 1473582AlfredDunnStorthes Hall Hospital22 Feb 194153DM
72569Hubert SullivanDunnillStorthes Hall Hospital8 Feb 194156AD
212J... TomDunwell..Storthes Hall Mental Hospital Kirkburton17 Mar 194351JM
87696James DuttonStorthes Hall Hospital16 Jan 194276AD
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Row 3 No14642Eliza EagleStorthes Hall Kirkburton26 Oct 194384JM
a784668MinnieEastwoodStorthes Hall Hospital21 Nov 194166AD
Row 4 No10215Patrick JohnEldingStorthes Hall Mental Hospital Kirkburton12 Apr 194375MR
3.1096766Martha AnnElgerStorthes Hall Hospital23 Jun 194258AD
A131076Amy SophiaEllamStorthes Hall Kirkburton17 Mar 194468NH
Row 6 No 413102Lucy AnnEllamStorthes Hall Kirkburton6 Sep 194461NH
Row 6 No 1027211KathleenElliotStorthes Hall 3 Oct 194672SO
Row 4 No 1134269Mary JaneElliottStorthes Hall 17 Apr 194777SO
Row 6 No 618141Albert EllisStorthes Hall Kirkburton3 May 194566NH
Row 6 No 1860ArthurEllisStorthes Hall Kirkburton29 Dec 194379NH
B1(Ex service No----- if not 71699786EdgerEllisStorthes Hall Hospital14 Nov 194254AD
D1 88697Mabel RennieEngland27 Norton Terrace Stocksmoor17 Jan 194255AD
3.1096768AnnieEnglishStorthes Hall Hospital10 Jul 194260WD
Row 6 No 515114WilliamEvansStorthes Hall Kirkburton13 Nov 194477NH
B2 Service patient18137WilliamEvingtonStorthes Hall Kirkburton13 Apr 194566DM
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D4 95753AnnieFarnellStorthes Hall Hospital21 May 194283AD
Row 6 No 617134WilliamFarrarStorthes Hall Kirkburton10 Mar 194556NH
A1415116IsabellaFarrellStorthes Hall Kirkburton8 Dec 194445NH
98781Michael FarrellStorthes Hall Hospital14 Oct 194275WD
Row 4 No 1341322William ArthurFawcettStorthes Hall 30 Apr 194839LAS
B1313John ThomasFellowsStorthes Hall Hospital6 Feb 194367JM
_56448PeggyFieldingNorth Spring House23 Nov 195069EP
Path row no 1677616Mary AnnFirthStorthes Hall Hospital10 May 194132AD
Row 6 No 719152Ann ElizabethFishStorthes Hall Kirkburton5 Jul 194578NH
Row 7 No 348383AlfredFisherNorth Spring House Kirkburton22 Jul 194975LAS
Row 4 No 1237289Florence MayFisherStorthes Hall 22 Oct 194745NH
Row 4 No 1136283JohnFitzmauriceStorthes Hall 8 Aug 194766SO
Row 4 No 1238298John JosephFitzsimmonsStorthes Hall 15 Jan 194858SO
74590Samuel FletcherStorthes Hall Hospital6 Mar 194161AD
Path row no 1575600JohnFordStorthes Hall Hospital26 Mar 194166AD
5.891727Joseph ArnoldFordStorthes Hall Hospital6 Mar 194257AD
Path row no 1373581Eliza FormanStorthes Hall Hospital19 Feb 194166AD
c19 14107Dorothy NamurFosterStorthes Hall Kirkburton29 Sep 194430NH
Row E No 349388HarryFox142 Belfast Cottage Thurstonland19 Sep 194976LAS
_55437William ThomasFoxNorth Spring House7 Oct 195072LAS
Row 6 No 21184PhilipFox Storthes Hall Kirkburton4 May 194431NH
Row 6 No 31295Mary AnnFoxcroftStorthes Hall Kirkburton29 Jul 194472NH
a886684EricFoxhallStorthes Hall Hospital1 Jan 194233AD
Row 6 No 720156Beatrice AnnieFranceStorthes Hall Kirkburton28 Aug 194560NH
Row E No 249387Ronald GeorgeFrance5 Sep 194946LAS
_56447Charles HenryFrostNorth Spring House23 Nov 195066EP
Row 7 No 247376Frederick FurysStorthes Hall 24 May 194955SO
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5.786686Ada AnnieGabbitasStorthes Hall Hospital1 Jan 194272AD
Path row no 16 [------]80633Mary JaneGamageStorthes Hall Hospital18 Jun 194173AD
A13 (sp)749MinnieGarnerStorthes Hall Kirkburton22 Nov 194370NH
4.988704Tom HerbertGarsideStorthes Hall Hospital29 Jan 194239AD
A990717LilyGibsonStorthes Hall Hospital19 Feb 194227AD
B744350Ernest GillStorthes Hall 2 Dec 194868NH
D1342333Mary AgnesGillStorthes Hall 30 Jul 194872NH
Path row no 1677611MaryGill Storthes Hall Hospital22 Apr 194181AD
5.683660William FrederickGill Storthes Hall Hospital3 Nov 194172AD
Row 6 No 31185AnnieGinnStorthes Hall Kirkburton09/05/4465NH
Row 5 No 1033257Edith GlaisterStorthes Hall 10 Mar 194762NH
Row 7 No 248380ElizabethGoodaineStorthes Hall 15 Jun 194962LAS
Row E N0 1355439Edward GoodallNorth Spring House26 Oct 195075EP
5.582649George RobertGoodisonStorthes Hall Hospital10 Sep 194167AD
5.993743LaviniaGoodwinStorthes Hall Hospital25 Apr 194258AD
Row 8 No 251403FrederickGordonNorth Spring House Kirkburton27 Feb 195049EP
Row 4 No 1136285Edwin GothardStorthes Hall 1 Sep 194770NH
Row 7 No 850394Albert HenryGoughNorth Spring House Kirkburton23 Dec 194970LAS
Row 6 No 619146EmmaGraburnStorthes Hall Kirkburton19 May 194577NH
B338302William HenryGraftonStorthes Hall 9 Feb 194853LAS
Row 6 No 925196Francis WilliamGrantStorthes Hall 8 Jun 194671NH
Row 5 No 1033263WilliamGrayStorthes Hall 26 Mar 194757AB
99785JosephGreavesStorthes Hall Hospital3 Nov 194231AD
Row 6 No 415113AliceGreenStorthes Hall Kirkburton2 Nov 194455NH
320Ann JaneGreenStorthes Hall Mental Hospital Kirkburton22 Apr 194390WD
Row 4 No 1443338Ellen NuttalGreenStorthes Hall 24 Sep 194863NH
Path row no 1678623WadsworthGreenwoodStorthes Hall Hospital30 May 194166AD
88701George HenryGregoryStorthes Hall Hospital24 Jan 194244AD
72572Mary AnnGulsonStorthes Hall Hospital10 Feb 194144AD
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Row 6 No 1752Sarah LouisaHackettStorthes Hall Kirkburton2 Dec 194385TB
5.481644Sarah ElizabethHackfordStorthes Hall Hospital13 Aug 194156AD
30854427Annie JaneHaighHill Farm Holmfirth14 Aug 195047DSD
Row 6 No 1129229Charlotte annHaighStorthes Hall 11 Jan 194767NH
D617132Emilie GladysHaighStorthes Hall Kirkburton28 Feb 194548NH
4.886682JosephHaighStorthes Hall Hospital22 Dec 194172AD
Row 4 No 1238299LouisaHaighStorthes Hall 17 Jan 194885NH
3.1095756StanleyHaleStorthes Hall Hospital3 Jun 194235AD
72574George AlfredHalesStorthes Hall Hospital12 Feb 194162AD
Row 6 No 1131244CarolineHall Storthes Hall 22 Feb 194784NH
Path row no 1474587CatherineHall Storthes Hall Hospital3 Mar 194178AD
Row 4 No 1239310Edith EllenHall Storthes Hall 8 Mar 194862NH
Eow E No 1154429ElizabethHall North Spring House (Queen St Spilsby)30 Aug 195083EP
Private No4 up 3rd row on left70560EllenHall Storthes Hall Hospital14 Jan 194179AD
5.786688EmmaHall Storthes Hall Hospital7 Jan 194270AD
Row 6 No 515117Florence Hall Storthes Hall Kirkburton8 Dec 194459NH
A674588JaneHall Storthes Hall Hospital5 Mar 194170AD
Row 6 No 516126Mary AnnHallasStorthes Hall Kirkburton26 Jan 194583NH
Row 6 No 31292ArthurHalsteadStorthes Hall Kirkburton30 Jun 194471NH
Row 6 No 618140KateHamStorthes Hall Kirkburton23 Apr 194571NH
Row 6 No 923181WilliamHamerStorthes Hall Kirkburton12 Mar 194656NH
A1199789PriscillaHancockStorthes Hall Hospital5 Dec 194272AD
5.684666WilliamHancoxStorthes Hall Hospital20 Nov 194151AD
4.1092734James HannonStorthes Hall Hospital28 Mar 194271DM
A1198783Mabel LouiseHardyStorthes Hall Hospital2 Nov 194231AD
Path row no 1473584HildaHawkinsStorthes Hall Hospital25 Feb 194144AD
Path row no 1678621HerbertHawleyStorthes Hall Hospital19 May 194163AD
A1521168Alex BernardHayesStorthes Hall Kirkburton20 Dec 194544NH
Row E No 550399John HarveyHayesNorth Spring House Kirkburton15 Feb 195064LAS
Row 6 No 1647GeorgeHaythorneStorthes Hall Kirkburton17 Nov 194368NH
71565Daisy MaryHaytoStorthes Hall Hospital28 Jan 194153AD
3.1096762ElizabethHazelgroveStorthes Hall Hospital12 Jun 194261AD
A1831247Edna BeatriceHealeyStorthes Hall 25 Feb 194739NH
Row 6 No 924186James HearneStorthes Hall Kirkburton23 Mar 194660NH
321275323ClaraHeatonThe Cottages Thurstonland22 May 194373NH
210SamHelliwellStorthes Hall Mental Hospital Kirkburton13 Mar 194370JM
Row 6 No 1025200Walter EdwardHelliwellStorthes Hall 29 Jun 194680NH
5.581648PhyllisHemblysStorthes Hall Hospital9 Sep 194134AD
376310861RuthHemingwayThe Wood Brockholes5 Jan 194493NH
Row 4 No 1341327VioletHennellStorthes Hall 9 Jun 194832NH
Row 7 No 146365Florence MayHerrickStorthes Hall 18 Mar 194942NH
Row 6 No 31291AlfredHilditchStorthes Hall Kirkburton27 Jun 194468NH
Row 6 No 516125ErastusHileyStorthes Hall Kirkburton19 Jan 194554NH
Path row no 1677614Francis Mary Jane HileyStorthes Hall Hospital28 Apr 194170AD
Row 6 No 1131243Florence AnnHillStorthes Hall 22 Feb 194784NH
Row 6 No 1130237Arthur WilliamHinchliffeStorthes Hall 15 Feb 194779NH
A889710Ben HinchliffeStorthes Hall Hospital10 Feb 194238AD
31477615Fred HinchliffeHolme Dene Scar End Brockholes3 May 194163RRC
A5 Semi private74585Mary EdnaHiorsefieldStorthes Hall Hospital25 Feb 194134AD
Row 6 No 617130Eliza Ann HirstStorthes Hall Kirkburton16 Feb 194569NH
Family grave75594JosephHirstWest View Thurstonland21 Mar 194166AD
36511945359James HobsonRidgewood Oakes Lane Brockholes5 Mar 194964WP
Row 4 No10322WilliamHoggartStorthes Hall Mental Hospital22 May 194368NH
Row 7 No 950396AliceHoldenNorth Spring House Kirkburton27 Jan 195054LAS
5th grave after path No 4 [-----]80634AlmenaHolidayStorthes Hall Hospital27 Jun 194180AD
Path row no 1576607Fred HollandStorthes Hall Hospital16 Apr 194167AD
C12 99787Betsy EmilyHollingworthStorthes Hall Hospital18 Nov 194256MR
Row 6 No 414110MaryHollisStorthes Hall Kirkburton16 Oct 194466NH
5.994752Elizabeth BurcellHolmesStorthes Hall Hospital20 May 194244AD
Row 6 No 617129John HenryHolmesStorthes Hall Kirkburton8 Feb 194586NH
3.11(2)97772Robert EmmettHolmesStorthes Hall Hospital29 Jul 194257GC
Path row no 1679625Ben HolroydStorthes Hall Hospital31 May 194175AD
Row 4 No 1136281Jane LlewwelleynHolroydStorthes Hall 7 Jul 194757NH
Row 6 No 822172John WilliamHopkinsonStorthes Hall Kirkburton15 Jan 194688NH
Row 4 No 1136288Robert HoptonStorthes Hall 16 Oct 194772NH
Row 6 No 1027214Thomas HorburyStorthes Hall 10 Oct 194654NH
Row 7 No 247371Alexandra Mary LouisaHornbyStorthes Hall 20 Apr 194985NH
Row 6 No 1131248Mary ElizabethHorneStorthes Hall 3 Mar 194762NH
B1299791HarryHorricksStorthes Hall Hospital24 Dec 194260AD
Row 9 No 152410HarryHorrocksNorth Spring House Kirkburton27 Mar 195081EP
Roe E No 551405Ernest HorsfieldNorth Spring House Kirkburton27 Feb 195059EP
Row 3 No1344346EmilyHoskinStorthes Hall 12 Nov 194884NH
5.891726Catherine MunroHowardStorthes Hall Hospital5 Mar 194259AD
Row 6 No 1027215Harriett HowarthStorthes Hall 19 Oct 194667NH
A1628219Thomas HowcroftStorthes Hall 3 Dec 194667NH
A141293JohnHowgateStorthes Hall Kirkburton13 Jul 194471NH
A1523183BenjaminHudsonStorthes Hall Kirkburton21 Mar 194677NH
Row 6 No 1129228Margaret AnnieHughsStorthes Hall 27 Dec 194673NH
?:1091724Eliza Ann HugonStorthes Hall Hospital5 Mar 194278AD
Row 3 No1343341SusanHutchinsonStorthes Hall 13 Oct 194846NH
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Row 6 No 1965Edith SusannahIllingworthStorthes Hall Kirkburton24 Jan 194469NH
Row 6 No 924189AnnieIngolsonStorthes Hall Kirkburton18 Apr 194650NH
Row 6 No 821167ArabellaInmanStorthes Hall Kirkburton14 Dec 194537NH
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B746362Amelia AnnJacksonStorthes Hall 11 Mar 194974NH
5.994746HannahJacksonStorthes Hall Hospital1 May 194273AD
A1725193SusanJacksonStorthes Hall Kirkburton13 May 194679NH
A1094748James HenryJenkinsonStorthes Hall Hospital14 May 194261AD
Row 6 No 249386BerthaJohnsonNorth Spring House Kirkburton29 Aug 194972AAM
c14 645CarolineJohnsonStorthes Hall Kirkburton5 Nov 194379NH
175a216Matida AnnJohnsonWellington Hotel Newsome12 Apr 194352EC
5.892732Frederick JonesStorthes Hall Hospital16 Mar 194258DM
*99790Hilary BurnsJones20 Norton Terrace Stocksmoor8 Dec 194217 mthsELS
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316538HannahKaye90 Tanyard Thurstonland1 Sep 194368NH
B1618138HarryKayeThurstonland19 Apr 194572NH
Row 6 No 1751HenryKayeStorthes Hall Kirkburton26 Nov 194376NH
_56442Lawrence WilliamKeighleyNorth Spring House2 Nov 195062EP
5.683663AliceKellyStorthes Hall Hospital19 Nov 194166MR
35James KellyStorthes Hall Kirkburton9 Aug 194677MR
B847372John SidneyKendrickStorthes Hall 22 Apr 194936NH
5.684665LouisaKennyStorthes Hall Hospital19 Nov 194172AD
Row 8 No 351404Sarah AnnKenworthyNorth Spring House Kirkburton27 Feb 195079EP
Row 4 No 1239307NorahKeoonsStorthes Hall 27 Feb 194866SO
B12100800IdaKerryThe Mansion Kirkburton30 Jan 194315AD
Row 6 No 617131Thomas KerwinStorthes Hall Kirkburton22 Feb 194577PGM
Path row no 1575598LucyKidbyStorthes Hall Hospital22 Mar 194137AD
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Row 4 No 1239306HoraceLambertStorthes Hall 26 Feb 194836NH
Row 6 No 516127Amy LandStorthes Hall Kirkburton26 Jan 194543NH
Row 7 No 145357WalterLangleyStorthes Hall 11 Feb 194975LAS
D1644347Elizabeth Mary HarriettLaw Storthes Hall 26 Nov 194869NH
3.1095757GladysLawmanStorthes Hall Hospital3 Jun 194215AD
430GeorgeLawrenceStorthes Hall Kirkburton19 Jul 194357NH
Row 4 No 1135276HarryLawsonStorthes Hall 19 May 194760NH
4.988699Margaret LeakeStorthes Hall Hospital20 Jan 194281AD
Row B No 1257450Abraham PhilipLeeNorth Spring House12 Dec 195077EP
Row 6 No 1130236HenriettaLeeStorthes Hall 11 Feb 194758SO
Row 7 No 145356WilliamLeeStorthes Hall 29 Jan 194972NH
Row 6 No 31398RuthLevittStorthes Hall Kirkburton15 Aug 194465NH
A12428RebeccaLidgettStorthes Hall Kirkburton15 Jul 194385NH
Row 6 No 719147David LightfootStorthes Hall Kirkburton24 May 194565NH
Row 4 No11540Ernest LillyStorthes Hall Kirkburton6 Oct 194368NH
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16924190EllenlinskillStocksmoor27 Apr 194675NH
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Row 9 No 352413PriscillaLloydNorth Spring House Kirkburton8 Apr 195076LAS
D2047370Ethel LizzieLockwoodStorthes Hall 11 Apr 194973NH
Row 6 No 1131245WillieLodgeStorthes Hall 24 Feb 194774NH
Row 6 No 1131246Sarah JaneLofthouseStorthes Hall 24 Feb 194772NH
_55433Bernard FitzpatrickLongleyNorth Spring House (139 Brackenbank Sheffield)13 Sep 195063EP
Row 6 No 414112WilliamLumbStorthes Hall Kirkburton2 Nov 194456NH
Row 4 No10213FannyLutyStorthes Hall Mental Hospital Kirkburton9 Apr 194370JM
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A1215Florence ElizabethMacKinderStorthes Hall Hospital22 Feb 194349AD
5.683661AnnieMadiganStorthes Hall Hospital7 Nov 194132DM
E1 47374Harriett BrownMallinsonStorthes Hall 28 Apr 194974AB
5.890713AnnieMannStorthes Hall Hospital12 Feb 194257AD
Row 4 No 1240313Alice LauraManningStorthes Hall 15 Mar 194873NH
Row 6 No 31188Edward MarshallStorthes Hall Kirkburton16 Jun 194480NH
A1198780Florence EmmaMarshallStorthes Hall Hospital5 Oct 194254AD
Row 6 No 924187John HaroldMarshallStorthes Hall Kirkburton1 Apr 194668NH
5.480636Mary MahalaMasfordStorthes Hall Hospital4 Jul 194166AD
Path row no 1679630Margaret MastersonStorthes Hall Hospital10 Jun 194147AD
98782Lucy MaxfieldStorthes Hall Hospital2 Nov 194231AD
3.1096761GloriaMcBrideStorthes Hall Hospital10 Jun 194228MR
B1 17MalcolmMcCombStorthes Hall Hospital25 Feb 194342AD
5.786687WilliamMcDermottStorthes Hall Hospital2 Jan 194271AD
Row 7 No 1150400WilliamMcDonaghNorth Spring House Kirkburton15 Feb 195077SO
Row 4 No 1341321Michael McGammonaStorthes Hall 24 Apr 194866SO
Row 6 No 822170WilliamMcKennaStorthes Hall Kirkburton7 Jan 194661SO
3.1198779Michael McLaughlinStorthes Hall Hospital2 Oct 194268DM
98784Thomas McNicholasStorthes Hall Hospital3 Nov 194260WD
Row 4 No 1443339Miriam IsabelMeacockStorthes Hall 5 Oct 194874NH
14[a] (next to Kings)80635MarionMearPost Office Thurstonland28 Jun 194165AD
Row 6 No 1028223JaneMeedsStorthes Hall 7 Dec 194662NH
Row 6 No 1026207FannyMeenanStorthes Hall 25 Sep 194680NH
B2 28222John EdwardMelodyStorthes Hall 6 Dec 194667SO
C13/1425Edith MetcalfStorthes Hall Kirkburton19 Jun 194382NH
5.481642SamMidgleyStorthes Hall Hospital19 Jul 194169AD
Row 5 No 1033264NellieMilesStorthes Hall 26 Mar 194732AB
Row 6 No 719151LouisaMillerStorthes Hall Kirkburton27 Jun 194585NH
74592Emily JaneMillsStorthes Hall Hospital8 Mar 194176AD
31738297TomMilnesThurstonland9 Jan 194872NH
Path row no 1271567LeviMitchellStorthes Hall Hospital7 Feb 194179AD
5.581646MariaMitchellStorthes Hall Hospital21 Aug 194161AD
A888702SidneyMitchellStorthes Hall Hospital27 Jan 194231AD
4.1092736PeterMooneyStorthes Hall Hospital4 Apr 194249DM
Row 4 No 1239312AlexanderMoonieStorthes Hall 12 Mar 194875SO
Path row no 1475593FlorrieMooreStorthes Hall Hospital15 Mar 194168AD
Row 4 No 1240319SidneyMooreStorthes Hall 24 Apr 194855NH
Row 6 No 1753RonaldMoorhouseStorthes Hall Kirkburton2 Dec 194342TB
Path row no 1576608ElsieMorganStorthes Hall Hospital16 Apr 194145AD
73583FrankMossThurstonland24 Feb 194153AD
Row 4 No 1237295Robert MottramStorthes Hall 16 Dec 194778NH
_57449HaroldMurgatroydNorth Spring House25 Nov 195058EP
Row 6 No 516122Thomas MurphyStorthes Hall Kirkburton8 Jan 194557TM
87694Edward MurrayStorthes Hall Hospital15 Jan 194253DM
_55435WilliamMurrayNorth Spring House2 Oct 195070SO
Row 5 No 1033258AdaMyersStorthes Hall 10 Mar 194756NH
D1139305Albert Myers84 Tanyard Thurstonland25 Feb 194887NH
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A1093744Clara RosaNaylorStorthes Hall Hospital25 Apr 194273AD
Row 6 No 515115Thomas NealeStorthes Hall Kirkburton17 Nov 194461NH
Row 4 No 1340320AlfredNelsonStorthes Hall 26 Apr 194860LAS
D929230CliffordNelsonStorthes Hall 13 Jan 194754AB
Row 6 No 31294Charles NewellStorthes Hall Kirkburton15 Jul 194470NH
C10 97774Frances ElizabethNewhillStorthes Hall Hospital28 Aug 194275AD
317SarahNewhillStorthes Hall Mental Hospital Kirkburton16 Apr 194378JM
5.891723Fred NicholStorthes Hall Hospital5 Mar 194272AD
Row 6 No 1859Sarah ElizabethNicholsStorthes Hall Kirkburton17 Dec 194356WD
Row 7 No 549390Edith Ella JennieNicholsonNorth Spring House Kirkburton4 Oct 194959LAS
D1036287George WilliamNicholsonWhitestones Stocksmoor26 Sep 194764NH
Row 3 No1345355Rachel AnnNicholsonStorthes Hall 14 Jan 194973NH
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5.582652HaroldOatesStorthes Hall Hospital20 Sep 194140AD
A1092733WillisOldfieldStorthes Hall Hospital20 Mar 194257AD
72571John EdwardOsborneStorthes Hall Hospital10 Feb 194145AD
D1744348Frances OultonStorthes Hall 25 Nov 194882NH
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A681645EmmaPantonStorthes Hall Hospital18 Aug 194177AD
D2 88703Mary McKnightPark Storthes Hall Hospital28 Jan 194243AD
5.683659John HenryParkerStorthes Hall Hospital23 Oct 194181GC
D3 89709SarahParkerStorthes Hall Hospital6 Feb 194270AD
Path row no 1576601AnnieParkinStorthes Hall Hospital4 Apr 194176AD
Row 6 No 414109James ParkinStorthes Hall Kirkburton6 Oct 194476JM
B947373Ben ParrStorthes Hall 27 Apr 194962LAS
Row 6 No 2969George EdwardParrottStorthes Hall Kirkburton21 Feb 194469NH
5.994747George MalcolmParryStorthes Hall Hospital8 May 194245AD
Row 6 No 1754Margaret PatmoreStorthes Hall Kirkburton4 Dec 194382NH
Row 4 No 1240316GeorgePeacockStorthes Hall 31 Mar 194861NH
Row 6 No 822173Annie ElizabethPearseStorthes Hall Kirkburton28 Jan 194653NH
A141183AnniePearsonStorthes Hall Kirkburton4 May 194463NH
5.994749HenryPearsonStorthes Hall Hospital16 May 194269AD
B12100793PhoebePearsonStorthes Hall Hospital29 Dec 194275AD
a785677Ernest AlbertPeastonStorthes Hall Hospital11 Dec 194119AD
4.989707GeorgePepperStorthes Hall Hospital30 Jan 194258AD
Row 6 No 31187EvelynPercyStorthes Hall Kirkburton27 May 194430NH
5.582656MaryPetersStorthes Hall Hospital30 Sep 194167MM(2 Oct 1941 – AD)
Path row no 1474586Florence MaryPickeringStorthes Hall Hospital28 Feb 194160[…]
D724192Martha AnnPicklesStorthes Hall Kirkburton10 May 194669NH
Row 6 No 21182WilliamPlunketStorthes Hall Kirkburton29 Apr 194468NH
[4.8]85674Thomas PogmoreStorthes Hall Hospital28 Nov 194146AD
Row 7 No 248377AdaPollardStorthes Hall 1 Jun 194960NH
_55440Albert WilliamPookNorth Spring House26 Oct 195072EP
C7/1 Private73578Eleanor MPorterStorthes Hall Hospital19 Feb 194177AD
Row 6 No 1858Grace JassiePorterStorthes Hall Kirkburton16 Dec 194377NH
Row 6 No 720154WilliamPostleStorthes Hall Kirkburton7 Aug 194580NH
A1728221Florence ElizabethPottertonStorthes Hall 5 Dec 194686NH
5.994745AnniePouchierStorthes Hall Hospital29 Apr 194268AD
Path row no 1679627Emily JanePowerStorthes Hall Hospital6 Jun 194142AD
Row 4 No 1442332JosephPoxonStorthes Hall 12 Jul 194872NH
Row 3 No14427Sarah EllenPriceStorthes Hall Kirkburton13 Jul 194366NH
11441325Eleanor Priest20 The Village26 May 194877NH
A1093741Robert EmmettProudStorthes Hall Hospital24 Apr 194281AD
432AlicePullenStorthes Hall Kirkburton3 Aug 194369NH
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17595759FannyRadcliffe182 Penistone Rd Waterloo Huddersfield9 Jun 194276AD
Row 6 No 821165Ernest RamsdenStorthes Hall Kirkburton26 Nov 194574NH
5.787692NellieRamshawStorthes Hall Hospital14 Jan 194240AD
5.684670ArthurRandsStorthes Hall Hospital24 Nov 194162AD
Row 6 No 516124Catherine AnnRebindaneStorthes Hall Kirkburton7 Jan 194545DM
Row 4 No 1239308John BraddleyReeveStorthes Hall 3 Mar 194866NH
Row 8 No 551407James ReillyNorth Spring House Kirkburton6 Mar 195074SO
Row 4 No 1240315Eleanor RemaneStorthes Hall 27 Mar 194866NH
4.885679Charles RenmanStorthes Hall Hospital11 Dec 194136AD
Row 7 No 248382James AstleyRenshawStorthes Hall 4 Jul 194874NH
D1241324IsabellaRich Storthes Hall 19 May 194872NH
Row 4 No 1442334Cyril BryanRichardsonStorthes Hall 3 Aug 194866NH
Row 6 No 720160Edith MayRichardsonStorthes Hall Kirkburton24 Sep 194570NH
B12100795ElizabethRichmondStorthes Hall Hospital6 Jan 194366AD
34Lucy RidgwickStorthes Hall Kirkburton9 Aug 194378NH
5.481641AliceRigbyStorthes Hall Hospital17 Jul 194161AD
Row 6 No 1025199Charles RileyStorthes Hall 25 Jun 194674TM
C18 13101Mabel RobertsStorthes Hall Kirkburton1 Sep 194451NH
C8 80640Edward WindettRoberts Storthes Hall Hospital9 Jul 194161AD
Path row no 1474589GeorgeRobertshawStorthes Hall Hospital6 Mar 194162AD
Row 7 No 248378AmandaRobinsonStorthes Hall 1 Jun 194977NH
Path row no 1372570IsabellaRobinsonStorthes Hall Hospital10 Feb 194162AD
A1197771Elizabeth EstherRoddingsStorthes Hall Hospital23 Jul 194263AD
Row 6 No 923178Fred RodwellStorthes Hall Kirkburton25 Feb 194680NH
?:1091725NellieRollinsonStorthes Hall Hospital5 Mar 194264AD
B12100799Thomas RoseStorthes Hall Hospital27 Jan 194361AD
321Mary AnnRourkeStorthes Hall Mental Hospital Kirkburton3 May 194379JM
Row 6 No 2968Mary AnnRoutledgeStorthes Hall Kirkburton4 Feb 194465NH
A12100794John CharlesRowlandStorthes Hall Hospital6 Jan 194369AD
Path row no 1373579Albert RoyallsStorthes Hall Hospital19 Feb 194140AD
31313100Sarah HannahRusby2 Wilson Rd Deepcar28 Aug 194470NH
Row 6 No 720155AlfredRushforthStorthes Hall Kirkburton27 Aug 194552NH
D1442336Celia EllenRutherfordStorthes Hall 1 Sep 194856NH
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A13431ElsieSandersonStorthes Hall Kirkburton23 Jul 194315NH
Row 7 No 449389WilhelmenaSargentStorthes Hall 22 Sep 194968LAS
5.480637HelenaScalesStorthes Hall Hospital4 Jul 194164AD
B6 sp41323JohnSchofieldStorthes Hall 1 May 194836LAS
87691LoisSchofieldStorthes Hall Hospital10 Jan 194235Ad
Row 5 No 1033261AnnieScothorneStorthes Hall 11 Mar 194729NH
Row 7 No 1251401Marjorie EllaScottNorth Spring House Kirkburton21 Feb 195051LAS
Row 8 No 652409HannahSeedNorth Spring House Kirkburton22 Mar 195087EP
Row 6 No 21080LillianSennettStorthes Hall Kirkburton6 Apr 194463NH
C11 17136Mark Attenborough ShakespearRoyal Infirmary Huddersfield4 Apr 194540NH
C11 97776JosephShakspear142 Belfast Cottage Thurstonland5 Sep 194278AD
Path row no 1576603Florence SharpStorthes Hall Hospital9 Apr 194157AD
B338303John ThomasSharpStorthes Hall 11 Feb 194853LAS
Path row no 1474591Mary AnnSharpStorthes Hall Hospital6 Mar 194171AD
Row 5 No 1032252Audrey ZenaSharp Storthes Hall 6 Mar 194751NH
Row 6 No 719150EmmaSharpeStorthes Hall Kirkburton14 Jun 194551AB
Row 6 No 822171Margaret SharrattStorthes Hall Kirkburton8 Jan 194676NH
Row E No 1254430JoeShawNorth Spring House (Massland Terr Wakefield)4 Sep 195073EP
4.1093737JohnShawStorthes Hall Hospital4 Apr 194240AD
4.988700John RadclifffeShawStorthes Hall Hospital20 Jan 194265AD
B642331NoelShawStorthes Hall 29 Jun 194840NH
5.582654SamShawStorthes Hall Hospital27 Sep 194163AD
Row 6 / 1644AnnieSheeranStorthes Hall Kirkburton4 Nov 194347MR
D1544345Albert EdwinSheffieldStorthes Hall 5 Nov 194871NH
Row 4 No 1442330WilliamShemaldsStorthes Hall 24 Jun 194853NH
C20 16123PhilipSheridanStorthes Hall Kirkburton12 Jan 194535JM
Row 7 No 146364WilliamShirtcliffeStorthes Hall 15 Mar 194955NH
B12100797Robert ShoreStorthes Hall Hospital18 Jan 194352AD
A1626205MariaSiddallStorthes Hall 27 Aug 194678NH
67 (a6 ?)78624Claud HerbertSimpsonStorthes Hall Hospital30 May 194166AD
A1414111HarrySimpsonStorthes Hall Kirkburton1 Nov 194461NH
A1626202John ThomasSimpsonStorthes Hall 20 Jul 194663NH
Row 4 No10324Lily MargaretSimpsonStorthes Hall Mental Hospital4 Jun 194333NH
Childs Grave76602Margaret JaneSimpson11 Norton Terrace Stocksmoor4 Apr 19413mthsAD
5.891722MarySimpsonStorthes Hall Hospital27 Feb 194267AD
Row 4 No10426AliceSimpson or GuestStorthes Hall Kirkburton23 Jun 194376NH
Row 7 No 649392ElizabethSiswickNorth Spring House Kirkburton17 Nov 194984LAS
Row B No 1254425IvySkevingtonNorth Spring House13 Jul 195029EP
Row 4 No 1342329JohnSlaterStorthes Hall 17 Jun 194871NH
Row 7 No 147369WilliamSlaterStorthes Hall 8 Apr 194977NH
_55434Sarah SlatorNorth Spring House (67 Commercial Rd Spalding)26 Sep 195071EP
533FrankSmalleyStorthes Hall Kirkburton3 Aug 194339NH
71563Florence MarySmartStorthes Hall Hospital24 Jan 194132AD
Row 6 No 1130233AnnieSmithStorthes Hall 3 Feb 194751NH
A1520153Charles SmithStorthes Hall Kirkburton5 Jul 194571NH
C16 755GeorgianaSmithStorthes Hall Kirkburton8 Dec 194386RRC
Row 6 No 1026208Harriett SmithStorthes Hall 25 Sep 194679NH
D1845353HarrySmithStorthes Hall 3 Jan 194946NH
Row 3 No1344351Rose AnnSmithStorthes Hall 10 Dec 194881NH
Row 5 No 1032255Charlotte HannahSnowdenStorthes Hall 8 Mar 194778NH
D5/195758Norman BowdenSoperStorthes Hall Hospital5 Jun 194267AD
Row 7 No 349385Amy NuttallSouterStorthes Hall 23 Aug 194928AAS
Row 3 No1343342James HerbertSteeleStorthes Hall 18 Oct 194850NH
5.480639Rose StockdaleStorthes Hall Hospital9 Jul 194152AD
36Horace LucasStocksStorthes Hall Kirkburton10 Aug 194356NH
Row 3 No1343344Jessie AnnStratfordStorthes Hall 1 Nov 194886NH
A1729225AdaSturmanStorthes Hall 19 Dec 194676NH
CG54431AdaSwaineNorth Spring House (42 Pullan St Bradford)7 Sep 195059EP
Row 6 No 21074ElizabethSwallowStorthes Hall Kirkburton15 Mar 194440NH
37JohnSweenyStorthes Hall Kirkburton23 Aug 194370MR
Row 7 No 146368Martha SwindonStorthes Hall 6 Apr 194986NH
211Joyce EthelSycamoreStorthes Hall Mental Hospital Kirkburton16 Mar 194334JM
Row 7 No 145358AnnieSykesStorthes Hall 14 Feb 194964NH
Row 4 No 1442335Charles EdwardSykesStorthes Hall 6 Aug 194835NH
Row 6 No 720159Eleanor SykesStorthes Hall Kirkburton24 Sep 194578NH
_56445Francies GertrudeSykesNorth Spring House20 Nov 195074EP
Row E no 1456441Mary AliceSykesNorth Spring House30 Oct 195075SO
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5.683662Dingwell BaileyTateStorthes Hall Hospital14 Nov 194157AD
Row 6 No 21077David MontgomeryTaylorStorthes Hall Kirkburton20 Mar 194482NH
_57451Eliza TaylorNorth Spring House22 Dec 195059EP
Path row no 1678618EmmaTaylorStorthes Hall Hospital16 May 194154AD
B535275Sylvia MabelTaylorStorthes Hall 12 May 194749NH
Row 4 No 1341326Florence TealeStorthes Hall 31 May 194870NH
Row 6 No 31186Charles EdwardTennantStorthes Hall Kirkburton17 May 194457NH
Row 4 No 1240317James JohnTennantStorthes Hall 31 Mar 194858NH
5.993738Matthew EdwardTetleyStorthes Hall Hospital9 Apr 194266AD
Row 6 No 31399AnnieThawleyStorthes Hall Kirkburton19 Aug 194458NH
Row 4 No 1238300susannah BoyesTheobaldStorthes Hall 23 Jan 194864NH
4.989708EdgarThewlisStorthes Hall Hospital3 Feb 194257AD
B1299792AlfredThompsonStorthes Hall Hospital28 Dec 194260AD
Row 6 No 1026206HarryThompsonStorthes Hall 31 Aug 194663NH
Row 6 No 515119GeorgeThorntonStorthes Hall Kirkburton21 Dec 194469PGM
71562MarthaThorntonStorthes Hall Hospital24 Jan 194184AD
5.582653Charles ThorpStorthes Hall Hospital20 Sep 194171AD
Path row no 1576604JessieThorpStorthes Hall Hospital10 Apr 194167AD
Path row no 1679626AnnieThripletonStorthes Hall Hospital6 Jun 194131AD
A991721Joseph HarryTibbenhamStorthes Hall Hospital24 Feb 194276AD
Row 6 No 617135Edith TierneyStorthes Hall Kirkburton14 Mar 194550NH
Row 4 No 1237292Louise MinnieTinkerStorthes Hall 14 Nov 194774NH
B536286FannyTordoffStorthes Hall 3 Sep 194768NH
Row 6 No 21073PeterTottyStorthes Hall Kirkburton2 Mar 194475NH
Row 6 No 2970Jane ElizabethTuneStorthes Hall Kirkburton21 Feb 194479NH
[4.8]85675AnnieTurnerStorthes Hall Hospital3 Dec 194167AD
3rd row from path No 1212GeorgeTurnerStorthes Hall Hospital1 Feb 194348AD
Row 4 No 1237291StanleyTurnerStorthes Hall 14 Nov 194727NH
Row E No 449391JosephTyeNorth Spring House Kirkburton15 Nov 194974LAS
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_55436James VauseNorth Spring House7 Oct 195068LAS
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Row 4 No11539Fred WadeStorthes Hall Kirkburton30 Sep 194367NH
Path row no 1678617Mary AnnWadeStorthes Hall Hospital14 May 194179AD
Row E No 953420GeorgeWadsworth6 Deanhouse Holmfirth (2 Clough Cottages)17 May 195054EP
Row 6 No 821162JosephWadsworthStorthes Hall Kirkburton4 Oct 194555jM
B1154432EllenWalkerNorth Spring House (8 Ryecroft Lane Pellon)9 Sep 195062EP
Row 4 No 1237293EphraimWalkerStorthes Hall 21 Nov 194776NH
3.1198777Ernest HenryWalkerStorthes Hall Hospital25 Sep 194242AD
Row 4 No 1237294JessieWalkerStorthes Hall 12 Dec 194777NH
5.889711Samuel CharlesWalkerStorthes Hall Hospital11 Feb 194271AD
Row 6 No 821161EllenWallisStorthes Hall Kirkburton3 Oct 194578JM
Row 7 No 146363Dorothy DorisWalshStorthes Hall 14 Mar 194926NH
Row 6 No 821164ElizabethWarburtonStorthes Hall Kirkburton23 Nov 194577?? RC Priest
Row 7 No 750393LilyWarehamNorth Spring House Kirkburton23 Dec 194960LAS
Row 4 No 1238304AlfredWaringStorthes Hall 24 Feb 194874NH
Row 6 No 1756Martha WatkinsonStorthes Hall Kirkburton10 Dec 194368NH
429Arthur ThomasWebbStorthes Hall Kirkburton15 Jul 194379WD
Row 5 No 1033259AdaWebsterStorthes Hall 10 Mar 194769NH
70557George WilliamWebsterStorthes Hall Hospital8 Jan 194137WR
4.885678HelenorWelsbyStorthes Hall Hospital11 Dec 194172AD
Row 6 No 1862Harriett WheatleyStorthes Hall Kirkburton11 Jan 194452NH
_55438HenriettaWheelwrightNorth Spring House20 Oct 195070LAS
18Fred White 30 New Row Thurstonland25 Feb 194372AD
Row 6 No 414108Walter InglebyWhite Storthes Hall Kirkburton6 Oct 194471JM
5.994750ArthurWhiteheadStorthes Hall Hospital16 May 194269AD
Row 6 No 1026203LilyWhiteheadStorthes Hall 19 Aug 194684NH
Row B No 1152416William ArthurWhiteheadNorth Spring House Kirkburton25 Apr 195055EP
Row 6 No 719149FrankWiddowsonStorthes Hall Kirkburton7 Jun 194562AB
Row 4 No 1134268Luke HerbertWigleyStorthes Hall 17 Apr 194745SO
B1 90716HarryWilkinsonStorthes Hall Hospital17 Feb 194249AD
723 Private grave75599James WilliamWilkinsonWhitestones Stocksmoor25 Mar 194176RRC
A1416128JessieWilkinsonStorthes Hall Kirkburton2 Feb 194568NH
A1832249Samuel WilkinsonStorthes Hall 5 Feb 194762NH
3.1198778GeorgeWilliamsStorthes Hall Hospital2 Oct 194270AD
5.786683AdaWilsonStorthes Hall Hospital27 Dec 194170AD
Row B 1152414LouisaWilsonNorth Spring House Kirkburton13 Apr 195076LAS
B536282Florence WingardsStorthes Hall 10 Jul 194772NH
Row[F] No 1557412Henry AtkinsonWisemanNorth Spring House23 Dec 195054EP
Row F No 357454Amy WoodNorth Spring House30 Dec 195073EP
Row 6 No 720158EstherWoodStorthes Hall Kirkburton11 Sep 194569NH
Path row no 1677612GeorginaWoodStorthes Hall Hospital22 Apr 194170AD
3.1096764HenryWoodStorthes Hall Hospital18 Jun 194240AD
A131078Henry FrancesWoodStorthes Hall Kirkburton21 Mar 194472NH
Row 7 No 248379Mary AnnWoodStorthes Hall 8 Jun 194979NH
A1518143Sarah Eliza WoodallStorthes Hall Kirkburton7 May 194558NH
A1729231EthelWoodfordStorthes Hall 31 Jan 194765NH
Row 6 No 31296JosephWorthStorthes Hall Kirkburton5 Aug 194469NH
Row 7 No 146366Albert WraggStorthes Hall 25 Mar 194961NH
A887690Marjorie EvelynWrightStorthes Hall Hospital9 Jan 194226AD
5.993739Mary ElizabethWrightStorthes Hall Hospital17 Apr 194266AD
Row 4 No 1239309Sarah WrightStorthes Hall 5 Mar 194876NH
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F156446MaggieYandellNorth Spring House (216 Halifax Old Rd Huddersfield)20 Nov 195069EP
3.1095755LouisaYatesStorthes Hall Hospital22 May 194271GC
Path row no 1679632ElizabethYoungStorthes Hall Hospital16 Jun 194171AD
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